Current prosjects are continuous delivery of rock dumping material for Offshore Constructions and submerged pipelines in the North Sea.
The company can supply and deliver different types of ballasting materials, i.e. sand, moraines, gravel, heavy rocks and iron ore with specific gravity ranging from 2,2-5.0 T/m3 (21,6 KN/m3 - 49,0 KN/m3)

Norock & Co represent and deliver ballast material from the following companies:
Visnes Eclogite, Norway: Eclogite Norwegian Producers, Norway: Granite

Norock & Co

Established 1976

The company's main objective is to sypply and deliver solid ballast material and to carry out consulting work for Marine Constructions in the North Sea and world wide. During the 13 years work for Norwegian Contractors the company gained vital experiences on numerous concrete platforms with focus on solid ballasting inshore/offshore, and installation and foundation of gravity platforms, Solid ballasting operations varying from 1.500 tonnes to 340.000 tonnes.

Over the years the company has been working on a number of platforms wrt solid ballast material operations. Snorre '91 and Draugen '93 where Norock & Co delivered the material, logistics, fabrication of necessary equipment as well as supervised the actual operation. It finally undertook procedures,

commissioning, operation and final reports/documentation.

Furthermore the company has been consultants for Hibernia, Mobil Canada wrt the ballasting operation amounting 500.000 tonnes of iron ore. Other projects have been Troll Olje platforms, Great Belt Bridge and Øresund Link Bridge where the company delivered the ballast material consisting of Eclogite and iron ore (see references).

The company has carried out consultancy work for:
  • Adriatic LNG Terminal - Venezia, Italy - ExxonMobil
  • Sakahalin CGBS project - Russia - BP
  • Shan Denis project Baku, Azerbaijan - BP/StatoilHydro
  • De Ruyter Platform - Holland (delivery of ballast material)

Project overview